Renée Embree Macvicar

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Renée Embree MacVicar ran into God’s grace as a young adult and continues to be changed by that grace every day. Renée has a passion to see everyone join God in their neighborhoods. She served for over five years as the Director of Youth and Family Ministries for the Canadian Baptists of Atlantic Canada and simultaneously as the Director of the Next Generation Ministry Program at Acadia Divinity College.

Embree MacVicar has a passion to raise up young leaders who are on mission with Jesus every day, everywhere. She has served as an Associate Pastor in Scotland, Nova Scotia, and New Brunswick, Canada. Embree MacVicar wrote her thesis on a theology of play and now tries to practice that theology as often as she can.

Embree MacVicar loves running, especially along the ocean, and then enjoying coffee and a good book. She lives in New Brunswick, Canada, with her husband, Joe MacVicar, and daughters, Emma and Isabell.

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