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Emmanuel Oloruntoba Arotile has a strong passion for youth ministries and youth development. He has organized and spoken at youth retreats, camps, and training seminars across Nigeria and in other West African countries.

Arotile served as the National Coordinator for the Youth Ministries of the Nigerian Baptist Convention, and is now the coordinator of Lifeway Leadership Initiative, a ministry directed to the identification, development, and employment of youth leaders. He also serves as Pastor of Maranatha Baptist Church in Port Harcourt City in southern Nigeria.

Arotile has educational training from theological and secular institutions both in Nigeria and Europe. He currently specializes in Leadership Studies within Church and Organizational Settings as a graduate student of Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam.  Arotile has contributed to magazines and authored a number of books directed at developing youth potential. His ultimate desire is for young people to take charge of life opportunities and become outstanding in life.

Arotile is married and blessed with children.

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