The expression of Creative Arts in worship is always a rich highlight of the Congress.  We will be privileged to host outstanding talent from around the world in Rio de Janeiro.

If you are a creative artist, we invite you to apply to come to Rio, to share your Creative Arts gifts with the wider Baptist family at Celebration 2020.   This invitation is open but not limited to small and larger groups of singers, instrumentalists, ensembles, dancers, and dramatists, as well as other artists.  Because we expect to receive many requests, please complete the online application with as much detail as possible, as soon as possible, so we will know how best to consider you or your group for participation at Celebration 2020.  

There will be a variety of ‘stages’ where we will be seeking to use the arts. We are planning to provide a balance of worship styles and cultural expressions through the varied experiences at Celebration 2020 and where we are able to use you will be impacted by our need to maintain balance and flow in our worship.

Please scroll down for important information for all applicants or click the button below to apply online. 

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We regret that BWA does not have the funds available to pay to bring artists to the Congress. The cost of air fares, accommodation, food, and other Congress expenses, including the Congress registration fee, must be paid for by participants. There are a variety of options for Congress housing available, some at economical prices.  

2. The deadline for receiving all Creative Arts participation applications is January 31, 2020.

3. Creative Arts applicants are asked to attach the following to their application:
     a. A letter of recommendation from your pastor
     b. A link to a performance video or website link with your application
     c. A photo suitable for publicity use (electronic)

4. The Congress team will do all it can to meet your technical and instrument requirements, but this cannot be guaranteed. Please be prepared to be flexible and to work within any limits or restrictions set by the production team at the Congress. We will give you details of what we can accommodate by April 30, 2020. 

5. We regret that we cannot provide you with a space for you to sell your merchandise.

Once we have received your application, we will confirm receipt.  However, it will be late in 2019 before we can start to assign timings for you. We look forward to receiving your application as soon as possible. 

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